15 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Were #couplegoals
15 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Were #couplegoals

Honestly, we are a little bit obsessed with these two! They are Hollywood’s dream couple and are a definite crowd favourite! Check out 15 times Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were #couplegoals

When they had this gorgeous family moment

Then there’s the amazing red carpet moments

And another one…WOW!

Then there’s the heartwarming, loving looks they share

When Ryan got low key jealous

When they acted like a couple of kids

When they took trolling to a whole new level

And then kept it going

When they celebrated Ryan’s birthday in style

When Ryan perfectly shut down rumours

When they were first acting together in Green Lantern…what a blast from the past!

When Ryan has this to say about Blake

And Blake had this to say about Ryan

When Blake was pregnant and Ryan absolutely adored it!

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