Summer Wedding Cakes – Modern Wedding
Summer Wedding Cakes – Modern Wedding

Summer weddings are all about incorporating the best of the season into your celebrations. Think bright colour palettes, lush flowers and lots of sunshine. Your wedding cake is a great way to add some summer vibes to your big day. Check out some of our favourite summer wedding cakes for inspiration.

Naked Cakes

The lack of icing on these cakes means that there is little chance of them melting on those warm summer days. Featuring minimal icing and topped with fresh fruit or bright flowers, these cakes offer a pop of colour without having to worry about the cake not maintaining its shape. Naked cakes are perfect for those weddings with a rustic vibe or for those who want a beautiful cake but without the traditional icing.

Floral Bloom

If flowers already feature heavily in your decorations, why not also incorporate them into your wedding cake. There are so many options when it comes to including flowers on summer wedding cakes. For a summer garden look, try topping a neutral cake with in-bloom florals. To match the rest of your wedding, try using the same floral decor used through your celebration, or stick to a similar colour scheme. The best thing about floral detailing is that it can be as minimal or extravagant as you wish and still look stunning.


A great way to include a subtle splash of summer colours is to include painted details on your summer wedding cake. A watercolour effect can add soft detail to a classic white cake. For a beach wedding, try some light blue and teal shades for a water inspired finish that looks just like the ocean. Adding some extra texture to the cake as well as this water colour finish can really make your cake stand out.

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Pastel is the perfect way to keep your cake classic and elegant but still include some summer colour. Pastel hues can match most colour schemes and allow the detail on the cake to be the main feature. Think pastel pink flowers on top of a white cake, or a pastel blue buttercream for a unique finish. With so many options, this is definitely one of the most versatile summer wedding cake trends.

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Citrus is a popular summer wedding trend. From using fruit as centrepieces, or incorporating citrus into your floral arrangements, there are so many possibilities. When it comes to wedding cakes, citrus can add a pop of colour, or be the feature of the cake. Similarly, citrus can be used as a monochrome detail, or combine fruits such as oranges, lemon and lime to make a cake more vibrant. If you don’t want real fruit, many wedding cake designers can make the accents using sugar fruit instead.


Nothing says summer like a tropical island getaway. To get this feel at your wedding, try a tropical themed wedding cake. Include tropical flowers and colours, or even go for a more plant based decoration and use palm leaves. This is another summer wedding cake design that can be done with real flowers or with fondant decorations.

Can’t get enough cake inspo? Find the perfect cake for your wedding theme here. If you want an alternative to a wedding cake, we’ve got you covered with these.


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