The Vintage Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of
The Vintage Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of nostalgia therapy. Before iPhones and digital cameras, a disposable camera was the perfect way to capture those priceless moments. Capture those special moments a photographer may miss and incorporate a vintage touch with one of these disposable cameras. After all, what goes around comes back around!

Keep it classic…

Digital media has had a huge impact on weddings. From dating apps, to inspiration overload on Pinterest and drone videography the way we plan and experience weddings have totally changed. However, some couples are choosing to turn back the clock moving away from technology on their big day and having more classic and interactive experiences.


If your planning an unplugged wedding and are removing phones and technology from the ceremony, disposable cameras are a must-do! Hand the cameras out, have them placed around the venue and leave instructions so guests know they are welcome to collect some happy snaps on their travels during the day. With so many different settings, guests are encouraged to be creative with their photos rather than just 100’s of selfies!

Living in the now…

Disposable cameras can be so much fun! Photos are unfiltered and emotions are raw, just like the moments that you capture. Whether you choose to have the images printed or put onto digital files, you will be surprised and delighted with all of the fabulously fun moments you see.

Many hands make light work…

The wedding day can be so chaotic and busy that its easy for special and candid moments to be missed. Whilst you will have professional photographers, it is impossible for them to capture every cheeky moment from the flower girl and page boy, every look of love your parents give each other or the hysterical laughing from your bridal party. Having disposable cameras dotted around your wedding ceremony and reception will ensure no special moments go forgotten.

Top Tips…

With a few basic tricks, a disposable camera can take great shots, even in the hands of an amateur. Here are a few helpful hints on how to capture the perfect moments with your disposable camera:

-Make sure the subject is at least 1-2 metres away

-Get creative: Take photos of reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors or metal surfaces. It’s the old school selfie!

-Always use the flash

-Find the right lighting. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to capture that dappled light.

-Disposable cameras will emphasise bright colours. Focus on colours for extra vibrant photos!

-Be careful you don’t put your finger in front of the lens. It happens a lot!

-The lens is slightly lower than the view finder so keep this in mind when positioning for the shot.

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