The Wedding Trends That Are Taking Over 2019
The Wedding Trends That Are Taking Over 2019

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up! The fabulous world of Pinterest allows brides and grooms to get creative and plan their perfect day with ease. This also means that you can see what the best and biggest trends are and how to include them in your special day! If you are planning a wedding in 2019, then these are the trends that you need to know about!

Wallet Friendly…

Let’s be honest, weddings aren’t cheap! The average cost of a wedding has already reached over $50,000 and continues to rise. In 2019, couples are trying to limit costs by keeping their weddings simple and budget friendly. In fact, ideas of small budget weddings have increased by 80%! The focus has shifted from a lavish event to being about the couple and keeping the wedding ideas personal and authentic. Find out the crafty ways to save money on your wedding day here.

Wedding Trends

Maryanne & David – See More Here

Jetting Off…

Whilst a large wedding is a grand and fabulous event, it may not be for everyone. More and more couples are choosing to simplify tying the knot by eloping. Combining saying ‘I do’ with a romantic getaway allows couples to enjoy a destination wedding without the excessive stress or price tag. Whether this includes just the couple or a small group of loved ones, there will be lots of elopements popping up this year!

Wedding Trends

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Eco Warriors…

As each year passes, there is more knowledge being passed around about the state of the planet and our environment. This has become a great concern for younger generations, with environmentally friendly and sustainable weddings becoming super trendy. In fact, these ideas have increased by an incredible 181%! This not only involves more sustainable ideas, but also more natural and effortless wedding days taking place. Think native florals and a backyard BBQ!

Wedding Trends

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The True You…

It’s true that your wedding day is about you, but often family and friends like to share their opinions as well. In 2019, it’s all about what you and your partner picture for your special day. Couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage in a way that feels authentic and personal. This may mean breaking tradition with the wedding dress, choosing to keep the glam look natural and relaxed or choosing a non-traditional location that is so you!

Wedding Trends

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Creative Culture…

Couples are opting to celebrate their culture and bring in a more traditional aspect to their wedding day. From multicultural concepts to traditional dresses, there are more and more reflections on culture being placed throughout weddings.

Wedding Trends

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*Information via The Pinterest Newsroom


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