Wedding Bands For Every Style Couple
Wedding Bands For Every Style Couple

With so much focus on finding the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands can often be an afterthought. Your wedding band is an equally special piece of jewellery. It should be something you love to wear and should showcase your personal style. This will make your wedding band even more meaningful and something you want to show off. Here are some options perfect for every style couple.

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For The Bling Lovers…

To add some extra sparkle to your finger, look no further than than a wedding band with a pave style setting. This allows for many small diamonds or other gemstones to be placed closely together. This additional bling will pair well with a ring where the stone is also the focal point.

For The On Trend Couple…

Rose gold is once again one of the most popular colours when to comes to engagement and wedding rings. A hot trend right now, this colour is uniquely different to more traditional colours like yellow gold and white gold. Don’t worry if your engagement ring is not also rose gold, mixing metals is also a big trend right now.

For Couples Who Like To Keep It Simple

Traditionally, wedding bands are plain metal bands that match the bride’s engagement ring. These wedding bands do not typically contain gemstones. If you are a stickler for tradition or prefer a more simplistic style, a gold band is the right fit for you. If you still want to nod towards tradition but want to add some extra style, consider a ring with some texture or a pattern.

For The Men

For those who need their wedding bands to be tough and durable but don’t have time to maintain a metal ring, there are plenty of bands to try made out of alternative materials. Materials such as tungsten are highly resistant to abrasions. The are also customisable in design, meaning that style does not need to be compromised for durability. These wedding bands are perfect for someone looking for a stylish piece that will hold up in a variety of conditions.

For Couples With A Less Is More Approach

Whether you want your engagement ring to be the star of the show, or are not a big fan of wearing lots of jewellery, a minimalist wedding band is the way to go. Minimalist does not have to mean plain, with different shaped ring, a small gemstone or a matte finish adding a unique style to a thinner band. A thinner and slimmer band can also be more flattering on petite hands.

For The Colour Loving Couple

Love your diamond ring but feel like your finger is missing a pop of colour? Add a coloured gemstone for that extra wow factor. Pick a stone in your favourite colour or opt for a stone like opal which features a variety of coloured tones, making each individual stone unique. For couples wanting matching wedding bands that incorporate a stone, black diamonds are more subtle than their colourless counterparts often making them more popular with men.

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